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US $1Million and above in revenue/year.

One must hold one of the following positions in a Qualifying Business:
  • The Founder or Co-founder
  • The Owner
  • The Controlling Shareholder
  • Venture-backed companies: For a venture backed company to fall within the definition of Qualifying Business, the company shall have privately raised funds of at least US $2,000,000 or publicly raised funds of at least US $5, 000, 000, and a minimum of 10 full-time employees. Members with venture-backed companies are exempt from meeting the other Qualifying Business criteria, for a period of three (3) years. However, by the end of the third year of membership, the venture backed company’s gross revenues or annual commission billing shall meet the Qualifying Business criterion.
  • Commission-based businesses (such as real estate) or managing funds: EO’s Policies and Procedures say “…the applicant’s qualifying business shall have an annual gross turnover of sales, or annual commission billing equal to or above such minimum levels.” meaning selling one million-dollar house does not qualify a prospect for membership but earning US$1 million in commission from selling lots of houses for their own business would.
Age Criteria: There is no age criteria currently to join EO, and a member cannot “age out.

Additional Benefits

  • Healthnetwork Foundation: EO members can call Healthnetwork for unparalleled VIP access to more than 30 of the most highly ranked hospitals in the US.
  • Global Partners: Leading business service providers, luxury brands and agencies have partnered with EO in your chapters, regions and beyond to deliver exclusive benefits. (Link to https://www.blackqard.com)
  • EO Bridge Forums: EO Bridge Forum is a non-chapter Forum that is part of a regional “bridge” program. All of the forums in the regional Bridge meet together, offering great opportunities for connecting members, cultures and businesses.
  • EO Experience Forums: An Experience Forum is a forum that is focused on a specific topic, type of experience, interest, life phase, industry, EO tenure, passion, or any other specific focus.
  • Global Directory: Access a directory of members and global business networks through our members-only website.

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