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EO Connecticut is part of the world’s largest premier network of entrepreneurs. We embrace the unique qualities of entrepreneurs – desire to build, achievement, innovation, creativity, quest for new experiences – and we open up opportunities for peers to support and help one another grow and accomplish great things in business and in life.

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EO Forum

Your forum acts as your personal board of advisors, your life coaches, your partners in once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Forum is a smaller group within your Chapter that provides a confidential, nonjudgmental, intimate environment for sharing business and personal issues. Forum is considered the highest rated benefit of EO.

EO Learning

EO offers unique learning experiences for members every month, including events with top thought leaders, influential entrepreneurs, and experts on a variety of topics. You will have access to speakers in an interactive setting. EO learning programs empower you with life-enhancing connections.

EO Experiences

Join your EO family for amazing, life-changing experiences. From refueling an Air Force jet at 20,000 feet over the Atlantic to experiencing some of the most thrilling places on earth, you and your fellow entrepreneurs become adventurers together. Create and enjoy experiences you would never have the opportunity to do without the benefit of EO.


Share your personal and professional passions with EO’ers within EO CT and around the world.


MyEO is a program that empowers members to connect with fellow EO’ers from around the world to unite their unique passions and create their own personalized experience. MyEO is about self-selection, increased global choice and members making a mark.

“There’s no better place to meet like-minded business people who have the same goals as you…it’s a life-changing experience and provides all kinds of tools to make you the best person you can be both personally and professionally.”


– April Lukasik, Founder and CEO, Bright & Early Children’s Learning Centers


Where Entrepreneurs Belong.

When you become a member of EO CT, you gain access to a wide variety of thought leaders, business advantages and benefits intended to help you grow your organization and become a better leader.


You have hit a "ceiling of complexity" and you're looking to take your business to the next level.

You seek relentless growth & self improvement.

You want access to once in a lifetime experiences.

You want a personal and professional Board of Directors.

Your family, friends and neighbors have no idea what you do or don't understand you.

You want to run a better business!


Our Strategic Alliance Partners (SAPs) are an integral part of EO CT. The support, knowledge and insight our SAP’s provide will elevate your overall EO experience and provide your with access to premier resources in Connecticut.

As our chapter continues to be an active and leading community of business entrepreneurs in the State, strategic alliances play an indispensable role in EO CT. We aim to create relationships with these significant partners by offering them exclusive access to the organization and all of our members. The support SAPs provide allow us to expand our programs, resources and create more opportunities for members to learn and grow.

We’re proud to have SAPs that help our entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses and their lives.